• About Me

    Hello and welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Lee Oddy.

    Within this site you will find various projects that I designed throughout university, my professional career and for personal interests.

    I have always been passionate about design, even before I knew what Industrial Design was. Since childhood, I have enjoyed creating new concepts and solutions, along with the challenge of turning those concepts into a physical reality. Not only did I enjoy attending Carleton University, but it also helped me to build on my previous skills in several areas including modeling and prototype building, ideation, and photography. In addition to this, my degree in industrial Design provided me with new skills such as 3D modeling and graphic design.

    I have many hobbies and interests that contribute to my pursuit in product design. Some of these hobbies include outdoor sports, extreme sports, woodworking, metalworking, recreational vehicles, and various artistic outlets. These personal interests have improved my ability to think critically, problem solve, and find difficult solutions across disciplines.

    Please browse through the “projects” section to get a better idea of the scope of my abilities.

    Thank you and enjoy!

    Lee Oddy

  • Camping Stove for Forest Fire Fighters

    Stroler/Luggage/Back Pack

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    Self Cleaning Owl House

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    Graphic Design

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  • Resume


    Bachelor of Industrial Design at Carleton University

    • Honorable mention from:
    • Design Exchange National Student Design Competition
    • Extrusion Technology for Aluminum Profiles Foundation Competition


    • *Advanced knowledge in Solidworks modeling software and technical drawings
    • *Experienced in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
    • *Skilled in sketching, hand and computer rendering
    • *Problem solving, peer and client communication
    • *Model and prototype building by manual and CNC processes
    • *Trained in User-Centered Design, Visual Communication & Package Design, & Exhibition Design
    • *Knowledgeable in Rhino and Sculptris 3D modeling software
    • *Knowledgeable in Adobe Dreamweaver and editing code for Website design
    • *Experience in photography and videography

    Work Experience

    Oct ‘16 to Present: Freelance Industrial Design for Titan Innovative Design

    Sketching and designing, functional and aesthetic, product concepts using client preferences focusing on user interaction. Researching material cost, properties and manufacturing processes. Designing CAD models and 3D printing. Constructing presentation models and prototypes. Designing graphics and illustrations. Managing several projects at once.

    Jan ’12 to June ‘15: Graphic Design and Technical Support for InGenius Software Inc.

    Graphic design responsibilities:

    rebranding logos and PC icons, installing images, iPad icons, document headers, website graphics, several trade-show displays and t-shirts, and creating a graphics library to be used for company publications in print or in digital format, consulting on User Interface design. Required good time management skills, experience with Illustrator and Photoshop, creativity, problem solving skills, worked well under pressure and willingness and ability to work with others.

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  • Contact Info

    Lee Oddy

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5N 3A3


    +1 613 276 1433

  • Resume continued...

    InGenous Inc. Technical support responsibilities:

    having knowledge of telephony systems and network configurations, manage relations with fortune 500 companies while assessing and resolving technical problems and working efficiently with others.

    Sept ’08 to Jan ’09: Solidworks and Technical drawings for Thomson Inc

    Recreating and designing new CAD files and technical drawing for manufacturing using Solidworks 3D modeling software.

    Volunteer Work

    2013 to 2016:

    Scout leader with Scouts Canada. Planned weekly activities for education, skill building, and entertainment. Assisted scouts in planning and preparing for camping trips and various outdoor activities, and taught them necessary survival skills such as: knot tying, knife safety, starting campfires, and identifying threats.

    2000 - 2016:

    Gift wrapping and planting & weeding garlic at the Silver Spring Farm for the OCAPPD (Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities').

    Other Interests and Hobbies:

    I enjoy many outdoor activities (scuba diving, hiking, climbing, canoeing, biking, camping, etc.). I’m interested in martial arts, art (I have a painting displayed in Ottawa Children’s Aid building), animals and wild life (camp counselor at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo), photography, playing guitar, snowboarding, woodworking, cars and motorcycles, building and modification of recreational vehicles (dune buggy, four-wheeler, dirt bike), film making (, Hawaiian Fire-knife Dance and Jewelry-smithing.